BASIS Inventory system

Inventory management is the core of every product based business. Do you want to avoid costly mistakes before they happen, track and manage your inventory efficiently?

Sage BusinessVision does a great job for that, once in the system. But to physically handle the goods by scanning them in and our and as they move around you need BASIS to work in tandem with Sage BusinessVision.


  • Desktop or web interfaces
  • Uses familiar inexpensive devices or legacy PDA type terminals
  • Scalable and sold as a service with no long term contract
  • Used by large and small companies alike in various industries such as:
  • Distribution and light manufacturing
  • Health care (Keeps track of serial numbers and lot numbers)
  • Food (Keeps track of best before and expiry date)
  • 3PL (Keeps track of specific inventories and offers targeted web access to users)
  • Retail for inventory control, receiving and labelling
  • Marble industry (tracks specific aspects of all marble and stone slabs and tiles)
  • And many more…
  • Reduce inventory capture time by more than 50% for full and cycle counts.
  • Full location (bin) tracking module with live inventory counts by location on multiple warehouses
  • Ideal for service truck inventory tracking, transfers and replenishment
  • Sales orders and purchase orders for Lot and serialized inventory with visual indicators
  • Full label printing functionality for simple labels or skid and production labels
  • Skid ID (License plate) functionality offers one scan capture all technology
  • Large suite of reports targeted at improving inventory count reconciliation and verification
  • Full or partial integration with many back office systems
  • Full seamless web integration with Sage BusinessVision

PRISM Order Management system:

Do you need to enter orders? Who doesn’t. On the road, at trade shows, on the web, for your customers or salespeople.

Prism will help you elegantly create orders and import them automatically into Sage BusinessVision.

  • Desktop or mobile interfaces
  • Ideal for road sales, trade shows, showroom or warehouse environment
  • Use and browse your own catalogs and tap to place orders (Patented hot spot functionality)
  • Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner or the device camera to scan items on to the order
  • Used by large and small companies alike in various industries such as:
  • Distribution and wholesale of food products
  • Gift and Jewellery wholesale and distribution
  • Franchise operations (Franchisees can order from the head office using PRISM)
  • Retail for ordering and replenishment
  • Road sales from delivery trucks (printing receipts and taking payments from the device)
  • And many more…
  • Increase speed of taking an order by 50% and in turn increase the size of the order by 25%
  • Full customer, product and category management
  • Size color matrix functionality and product Parent-Child relationship (to attach product groups)
  • Creates a fully functioning maintenance free web store getting its updates automatically
  • Designed for wholesalers who to give access to their customers for direct ordering on their own s
  • Automatically email or print order copies with optional product thumbnails
  • Information stored securely on a cloud server for y

Full seamless web integration with Sage BusinessVision


BC & Associates

BC & Associates Inc., partnering with Route Solutions Inc. (RSI), presents BCA Route Mapper.

BCA Route Mapper is a complete routing application specifically designed for Sage BusinessVision and other popular accounting applications.

BCA Route Mapper reads Sales Orders, Sales History and Purchase Order data directly from Sage BusinessVision, generating an editable list of sales deliveries and purchase pick-ups. This list is interfaced with RSI’s StreetSync application.

StreetSync is a web-based route scheduling solution designed to handle daily route planning in a simple and straight-forward manner. StreetSync offers you the ability to automatically locate Customer and Vendor addresses on the map, perform multi-vehicle routing, and easily distribute the resulting route plans to your drivers. Unlike many desktop routing products on the market today, as an online application, StreetSync maps are always current and never out of date.

Build route plans for multiple vehicles

Automatically updating online maps

Export to GPS devices

Build routes in minutes

Low monthly cost



Evron Computer Systems Corp. is a leading, trusted provider of financial systems and network infrastructure solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

End to End Solutions Since 1983: Evron provides customers with a single point of responsibility for every one of their IT needs. For 26 years, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations across North America improve their customer service, increase sales, and cut the cost of doing business through:

  • Business Software Applications: Accounting, Field Service, CRM, Dispatch Board, Process Manufacturing
  • Specialized Expertise in: Sage BusinessVision
  • Network: Infrastructure, Unified Communications/VoIP, Managed Services
  • Internet Solutions: eCommerce, Remote Access
  • Data Security: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam
  • Professional Services: Custom Development, Consulting, Training

Partners With The Best: Evron partners with the world’s leading technology companies. We are an IBM Business Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified, Epicor Solution Provider, and certified partner of Sage, HP, Cisco, Citrix, Symantec, Sonicwall, Lenovo and others.


Realize improved efficiency and effectiveness using productivity enhancements software programs developed economically for you.

We have written many very specialized programs and utilities for BusinessVision customers to help automate workflow in their business. Below are a few examples.

1. Job Cost Import

Customer A was looking for a way to automate the entering of Job Cost transactions into BusinessVision.

Job cost information was being recorded into another system which was then exported out to Excel and then manually entered into BusinessVision. Britec developed a utility to read the Excel spread sheet to automatically update the BusinessVision Job Cost. The users has the ability to switch between three different companies and a log file is generated detailing what was imported.

2. Purchase Order Import

Customer B was looking for a way to automate receiving on Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order receipt information was being recorded in an Excel spreadsheet and manually entered into BusinessVision. Britec developed a utility to read the Excel spreadsheet to update the received quantity on the purchase order, inventory and general ledger. A transaction log was written to provide a record of what was updated by the utility.

3. Warehouse Transfer Utility

Customer C was also looking for a way to automate warehouse transfers in BusinessVision for multiple inventory items.

Britec developed a utility where the user is able to select multiple items for transfer from one warehouse to another all on one screen. The receipt entries and journal entries are all handled by the utility and each transfer is logged.

4. BusinessVision Workbook Import Utility.

Customer D was looking for a way to automate the update of custom BusinessVision inventory Workbook fields.

Britec developed a utility to read an Excel spreadsheet and update the BusinessVision Custom Pack Workbook with the information in the spreadsheet. Each import is logged.

5. General Ledger Import

Customer E was looking for a way to automate the entry of Journal Entries form their POS system into BusinessVision.

Currently Customer E has over 40 stores using a POS system other than BusinessVision. The staff needed to manually enter the transactions from these stores into the BusinessVision General ledger.

Britec developed a utility to read an Excel file was downloaded from an online banking website and create an “Import File” that is structured in the manner that the Standard BusinessVision General ledger Import requires. The BusinessVision import function is then used to import the entries into BusinessVision.

6. Custom Reporting

Britec has written hundreds of custom BusinessVision reports over the years enabling customer to get instant access to the information they require in the format that they require it in to be effective in managing their business.

Will you be one of our customers that will realize the efficiency and effectiveness gains? Please come see us at our booth at BvIP and see how we can help.


Go Integrations is a Toronto-based CRM integration services provider, focusing on Zoho CRM, that aims to simplify and automate your existing business processes with a custom integration platform. As well as add-ons to optimize the overall resource utilization, process time and cost, efficiency, productivity and reach of your business, the world over.



FitzPatrick Controllership and Administrative Services Inc.

FitzPatrick Controllership and Administrative Services Inc.

(FCAS) is a reliable IT and software solution provider with a specialty in integrations. Since 2002, we have been providing small and mid-sized companies with financial services, leading software solutions, and brilliant customer service.

FCAS is a proud certified consultant for Sage BusinessVision (BV) and the number one contact and customer management choice of small businesses and sales teams, Act!. While BV tracks your revenue Act! tracks your customers, keeping all the information you need in one organized place. Act! helps you enhance your customer service, provides sales and marketing tools, allows you to generate quotes that feed your sales pipeline and can be pulled through into orders; all while maintaining a simple, user friendly experience from the office or on the road.

As well, FCAS offers a unique software connection, 360 Connect, that links BV and Act! increasing the power of these two solutions. Our software allows you to see live BV information from within Act!, centralizing your data and eliminating the redundant task of reentering information. Connecting BV and Act! creates a powerful software solution for any company.


INFOtrac for Sage BusinessVision

Add the power of INFOtrac to your Sage BusinessVision implementation and use the valuable information in your accounting environment to power your company.

INFOtrac is a powerful application that provides Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Business Work Flow into one fully connected environment.

INFOtrac gives you a totally centralized environment where:

  • All your information is centralized in one place
  • No islands of software and islands of data – everything is connected
  • Enter data one time only – and use it in Sage BusinessVision and Microsoft Office
  • Even your phone system can be integrated into the INFOtrac environment with call tracking and routing

INFOtrac is Integrated to Sage BusinessVision, not just connected

  • Customers and Suppliers are connected
  • All Sage BusinessVision customer data, invoices, sales trends, inventory, orders and more is visible in INFOtrac
  • Powerful quotation engine where closed quotations become orders in Sage BusinessVision automatically
  • Deeply customizable order processing and order fulfillment capabilities work along with Sage BusinessVision
  • Customized connections are easily made to accommodate your specific business requirements

INFOtrac is Integrated to Microsoft Office & Hand Held Devices

  • Use Outlook to send and receive emails but have them in your INFOtrac customer / Supplier history
  • Flexible email list management
  • Calendar items, appointments and to-do items, all integrated with INFOtrac and Outlook
  • Easy integration to Microsoft Word for flexible document creation
  • One click integration to Microsoft Excel to unlock all your valuable INFOtrac data

INFOtrac is Integrated to your Phone System

  • Integrate all incoming and outgoing phone calls into INFOtrac logs
  • Pop up messages tied to phone calls and the ability to focus INFOtrac on the incoming callers information
  • Customized call routing with intelligence from INFOtrac, use rules to direct calls to the right people instantly

INFOtrac is Highly Customizable

  • Built in customization engine to create screens unique to your business process needs
  • Powerful INFOtrac Scripting language can customize INFOtrac to do what you need
  • Trigger based work flow automation, where INFOtrac will perform functions based on data entered
  • Replace many of the spreadsheets, data bases and other applications you use to run your business
  • Customization is fast and affordable, done right in your office in front of you

Look at INFOtrac and you will be amazed. A central software program that feeds and reads the information from the other valuable software that you use to run your business.



Keep an Eye on Your Business

Do you wrestle with customers over past due invoices? Are sales efforts sabotaged by stock outages? Have you ever been surprised by excessive price increases from suppliers? In short, have you ever felt like saying . . .

“If only we had known . . . “

Although it’s virtually impossible to prevent situations like the above from happening, you can drastically lessen their frequency, and you can improve your organization’s ability to respond to them – with Sage Alerts & Workflow.

Operating like a smoke detector for your business, Alerts & Workflow automatically watches over your business, spots potential problems (as well as potential opportunities), and triggers real-time alerts and workflow in response.

  • Overdue invoices? Alerts & Workflow automatically generates and delivers invoices, statements, and past due notices – and puts delinquent clients on hold.
  • Stock outages? Alerts & Workflow notifies you when stock nears its re-order level – and delivers a PO to your vendor.
  • Excessive price increases? Alerts & Workflow spots it and stops it.

Alerts & Workflow. It watches over your business data so you don’t have to.

  • Automates redundant tasks (automatic sending invoices, statements, etc.)
  • Performs "Exception Management" (unapproved discounts, excessive cost increases, etc.)
  • Identifies & responds to trends (clients who have changed their buying habits or have not purchased recently)
  • Generates and distributes Crystal Reports
  • Monitors business conditions between multiple business applications
  • Triggers workflow to add or update records in Sage solutions (customer reaches or exceeds credit limit, automatically put on credit hold)

The bottom-line is that Sage Alerts & Workflow provides immediate ROI and is the ideal solution in a challenging economy where businesses need to do more with less in order to survive.

Vineyardsoft.com Back

MK Software

DocuFire® Delivery Express

  • Automates the electronic delivery of all your business documents by email and fax.
  • Automatically integrates Email, Fax and Print in a centrally managed, Windows and Sage BusinessVision integrated solution
  • Automatically adapts to your existing Crystal Reports forms, Customers, Vendors, Employee & Sales Rep contacts from your BV system
  • Automatically send documents to any number of recipients
  • Automatically attach outstanding Invoice copies when sending Statements or Past Due Notices

DocuFire® Credit Card Expresss

  • Automatically triggers charges by simply printing Orders and Invoices to DocuFire’s VirtuPrint virtual printer driver
  • Automatically uploads Cardholder data off-site to a PCI certified facility eliminating your PCI exposure, you will NOT store cardholder data
  • Automatically triggers charges based on document Terms Codes or Customer Profile settings
  • Automatically integrates with several main-stream Payment Processors such as Chase, Global, Elavon & more ensuring competitive rates
  • Automatically pre-Authorize Credit Cards on Orders, Charge by Invoice, Batch, Due Date, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Month End Payment Schedules.

MK PowerTools SQL

  • A suite of fully integrated database administration tools that help you customize your Sage BusinessVision data and automate several regular tasks.
  • Features include Change and Merge of key codes such as Inventory, Customers, Vendors and GL (keeps all your history).
  • Automation tools such as Warehouse replication and Invoice and purchase order reversals, help save you hours of time and improve accuracy.
  • Inventory Code Move allows you to conveniently move items to other warehouses streamlining your inventory while maintaining history.
  • Use Inventory Code Purge to automatically identify dead stock and clean up your warehouses.
  • MK PowerTools is a must have for any company that runs Sage BusinessVision

RedTail Solutions

RedTail Solutions delivers Managed Services for Trading Partner Collaboration to mid-market suppliers. RedTail’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Global Data Synchronization (GDS) solutions enable our customers in the retail, grocery, and medical products supply chains to enhance their Trading Partner relationships, optimizing logistics operations and trade compliance performance. RedTail’s Managed Services seamlessly integrate with Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and AccountMate ERP systems to accelerate the order to cash cycle, reduce costly errors and chargebacks, and ensure timely product data synchronization. RedTail’s network of over 750 trading partners collaborates seamlessly and securely over the Internet to deliver goods and services to businesses and consumers worldwide. For more information, visit www.redtailsolutions.com.


Come learn why Sage has chosen zeckoShop as the only ecommerce / website solution recommended for Sage BusinessVision!

zeckoShop is an all-in-one website and ecommerce platform, featuring extensive integration to Sage BusinessVision, synching product information, customers details, sales history, and much more from Sage BusinessVision to your website.

  • Create dynamic website logic and behaviors, driven from customizable rules and conditions. Creating these customer-specific user experiences will help improve your website’s sales conversions, and build customer loyalty and retention.
  • Advanced web solutions, ranging from corporate website platforms, private web portals, mobile sales portals, and e-commerce webstores, and more.
  • Designed for B2B and B2C commerce
  • zeckoShop is an enterprise-level web platform, serving the needs of large, complex businesses. zeckoShop also scales down effectively for smaller businesses, for a lower cost alternative
  • Extensive feature set, rivalling those of expensive and generic web commerce platforms.

zeckoShop is more than just about ecommerce. It brings your business to the web, transforming the way in which businesses engage with customers and business partners.


zeckoPay is an integrated electronic payment (EFT/ACH) software solution designed to process supplier and employee payroll payments electronically, directly from Sage BusinessVision. Embracing electronic payments [EFT/ACH] is a fast, efficient and safe way of processing payments. zeckoPay saves time and money, and works with your financial institution

Terracor’s Add-on Solutions

  • zeckoShop – Advanced web solutions, ranging from corporate website platforms, private web portals, and e-commerce webstores, and more. All are extensively integrated to your ERP/Accounting software www.zeckoshop.com
  • External Marketplace Integration - Amazon & eBay Stores – Automated solutions that connect your external marketplaces to your ERP/Accounting software.
  • Salesperson web portal – to allow salespeople to enter orders online remotely, without the need to be connected directly to ERP/Accounting software
  • zeckoPay – EFT/ACH software to pay your employees and vendors electronically, with integration your ERP/Accounting software www.zeckopay.com . Save time and money, by paying your suppliers electronically, featuring integration to your ERP/Accounting software and your bank/financial institution.
  • zeckoCatalog – [for PDF catalog creation]– A tool to enable you and your customers to create customer-specific [with their pricing] product catalogs, price lists and other PDF catalogs, instantly and on demand, directly from your website.
  • zeckoRentals – Software designed to manage and streamline your product rental operations. Integrates to select ERP/Accounting software systems.
  • zeckoShipping – Software that integrates your ERP/Accounting software to your shipping providers. Get accurate rates from multiple providers; tracking details, generate shipping labels, and get estimating delivery time and more. [Coming soon]
  • Web/eCommerce Advisory Consulting – We can help you grow your online business with A/A and A/B Testing; SEO - Ranking optimization; and eCommerce Best Practice Reviews.

Other services and solutions offered by Terracor

  • Business Software Consulting and Implementations – Terracor has been providing ERP/Accounting software consulting, training and implementation services for over 20 years.
  • Full website / ecommerce implementations – Terracor offers full website/ecommerce implementation services. You focus on your business, and we’ll focus on extending your business to the web
  • Website design and graphics – Our in-house team of design professionals will provide the creative design and visual appearance of your website, to ensure it presents your company is a professional and engaging manner
  • Website Hosting – Terracor offers a variety of hosting solutions and options, including website hosting, and even fully managed cloud computing solutions [to help you offload your local network technologies]
  • Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions – Get your entire internal networked systems hosted on the web, for hassle-free computing. This includes your Sage BusinessVision software, and any other third party applications you may be using

About Terracor Business Solutions

Terracor is a leading provider of technology-based solutions, specializing in e-commerce, electronic payment processing, and other business applications. We’re passionate about delivering impactful solutions and services, helping businesses become stronger, leaner and more competitive.

We’re about Automation, Innovation, and Customization. Our award winning team has been developing sophisticated web applications for over a decade and we pride ourselves on providing the perfect solution, focussing on:

  • Leveraging modern technologies
  • Streamlining business processes and operations
  • Helping our clients engage effectively with their customers

We embrace passion & creativity and strive to deliver phenomenal service to our clients. Celebrating 25 years of Excellence!


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